The Beginning.

Let me take you back to the year 2000, The Millennium. Lots of exciting things happened this year for many different people, most notably the world did not end and a lot of people got very drunk celebrating the turn of the century.  

In the UK A 13-Year-old Ella was offered a Saturday job working in a very cool high end boutique owned by an ex- model, Clothing designer and business woman.

I started at the bottom and got stuck in to spending entire days folding and hanging beautiful clothes in the stock room, occasionally I would see the shop floor when fetching and carrying for the pro sales staff.

One day I was on the shop floor, a very stressed lady came in with her two children and tried on multiple outfits. Despite the other girl’s best efforts, they could not seem to help her find the look that she wanted. I listened to what the woman was saying disappeared into the stock room emerging with an outfit, bravely butting into the little huddle of customer, children and staff I asked if she wanted to try the outfit I had chosen, the girls encouraged her and when she walked out of the changing room she was glowing, I had my first styling experience that day and was hooked.

The Obsession.

I went on to style and dress hundreds of women for every event from meetings with ex-husbands and their mistresses to casual wear with a new baby and a new body shape.  

The feeling that you get when you match the right woman with clothes that both flatter and express their character is addictive and has been a part of my career ever since.

The Adventure. 

How did I end up in Australia?

If I had a penny for every time I was asked this I would have a Louis Vuitton Tote by now!

But actually, it is a fair question.

I first came to Australia in 2012. My father had spent a lot of time on stations in WA before he met my mum, as a result we grew up with many a tale of station life and how a ‘pom’ survives the Australian outback. This meant I grew up with an imaginary friend called Australia and watched the man from snowy river movie so many times that I wore out the video tape.

When a serious relationship broke down I felt that now was the time to have my own Australian adventures. I spent time working on a station in Queensland before coming to Trangie to drive machinery for cotton planting and the wheat harvest.

While I was here a friend from home found himself nearby and we spent Christmas together. Luke liked the area and found himself employed and sponsored. Meanwhile I travelled home and planned serious studies, a proper job and settling down.

This didn’t go too well for me and in 2014 I was back, I hadn’t been able to shake my love of the outback or it seemed of Luke.

On my return visit things got serious and before long we were engaged.

After trying to find my place in ‘man land’ I decided to be brave and start my own business venture, doing what I love from my own home with weekly adventures taking my clothing and my styling experience all across NSW and now QLD.

The Romantic Clothing Co was born.

Our Future.

Our clothing is sourced from wholesale suppliers all over Australia, most of the labels that we stock have been designed in Australia and made overseas.

When choosing what we stock we are very particular, each line must be;

Easy to wear (no messing around with magic bras or giant underwear)

Comfortable (most of our fabrics are natural fibres or have a low manmade fibre content)

Flattering (we know the body types they will suit and state this in the description)

Affordable (nothing we sell will retail for over $100 style should be for everyone)

Fun (we will leave the boring mainstream stuff to the big retailers)

With this set of rules, we hope to that The Romantic Clothing co Australia wide, always offering excellent customer service and free honest styling advice from one total romantic to many others.